Hope Chapel

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Planting a church in Haslemere at Hope Chapel.

A team from Grace Church Guildford and around 25 people from the Haslemere area are meeting at Hope Chapel in Haslemere, currently via Zoom, with the desire to plant a church in the town.

The services began in March 2020 with people attending of all ages (4-94), then as lockdown restrictions came into force the services switched to Zoom. In September, socially distanced services at 6pm were introduced as well as the Zoom service.

The services will also be live streamed from the Hope in Haslemere YouTube channel.

The historic chapel building has been closed since 2018. Christians have been meeting there since 1862, so rather than sell the building, Grace Church Guildford was given the opportunity to use Hope Chapel to explore the possibility of planting a new Bible-believing baptist church in Haslemere.

If you would like to attend by joining the Zoom service, please email the team,  hope.haslemere@gracechurchguildford.org.uk, or message and follow Hope Chapel on Twitter or Facebook.

John Benton, the former pastor of Grace Church Guildford who is currently a lecturer at London Seminary, has been doing much of the teaching, with a range of guest preachers also joining the group.

John Benton said: “About a year after it closed, some friends and I obtained the key to the old chapel. It was a winter’s Saturday morning, as we opened the door the sun shone and the chapel was in such good condition, it just seemed to be saying to us ‘here I am ready to go. Do something!’ So we felt we had to give it a try”.